“…Satellite imagery-focused companies are also considering how to integrate drone imagery data with their software: this week Cropio revealed to AgFunderNews that it’s the first ERP platform to do this.

The Cyprus-headquartered company now allows customers to upload images from their drones into its software platform to get more detailed information on particular areas of their land at resolutions unavailable with satellite imagery. It also enables them to use drones images when cloud cover impacts the efficacy of satellite imagery.

“We know that a large number of our clients use drones to get more detailed images,” said Anna Moren, product director at Cropio. “That’s why we made it possible for them to upload these pictures directly into the system. I know from our research that we’re the first to do this.”

Cropio’s platform analyze the images in the same way as satellite imagery for monitoring field conditions, creating fertilization maps, predicting yields, and assessing crop health using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) index.

Cropio has clients in 15 countries across 2 million hectares of land…”