Satellite monitoring and field management systems.

These types of systems provide invaluable assistance to the agronomists and at the same serve as the biggest threat to their profession. Such systems can remotely measure all vital characteristics on the field and even more importantly provide recommendations for agronomists. Agronomists do not consider them to be as precise as a specialist with specific agronomist knowledge, but when looking at the big picture, it is evident that there is greater control, less cost and increased efficiency – this leaves little room for doubt from the owner’s perspective.

The companies, where Cropio  is  implemented, being that it is the most advanced from the series of solutions, are already faced with a significant drop of employed agronomists. Modern agronomists have been replaced with employees that can efficiently work with such field management systems. Resulting in  10%-30% increased growth in productivity with fewer expenses.

Agronomists, of course, still maintain a vital role in any agricultural company or farm, but their role is dramatically changing. With numerous new technological systems and precision agricultural techniques the process has become more standardized and predictable. Today, the new agronomist is rather an operator of different systems and technologies when compared to traditional agriculture craftsmen – those who are lagging behind in regards to implementing new technology will be left in the dust out of both profession and business.