N.S.T. New Science Technologies Ltd. Expands Its Operations in Kazakhstan. N.S.T. New Science Technologies Ltd. increases its capacities in order to meet a growing demand in Kazakhstan. The company declares its product, Cropio, to be a suitable tool for both an agricultural and state sector. This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here.

Kazakhstan is considered to be the very first country in the Eurasian region to implement the satelite crop monitoring technology in order to facilitate development of the agricultural sector.

Reforms driven by the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan are intended to increase efficiency of state support to the agricultural manufacturers. It also will stimulate the development of commercial agricultural insurance and country’s food production through the implementation of new technologies.

Kazakhstan is becoming one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural products in the world. And still, with over 20 million hectares of a tillable land, there is a room for the efficiency growth that requires technologies like Cropio to be involved. Our previous experiences with agricultural sectors in other countries proved that expansion of Cropio’s client base is appreciated and welcomed by the state.” ­ says Anna Moren, the company’s spokesperson.

About N.S.T New Science Technologies Ltd: N.S.T is an agriculture­ directed company with r&d and processing centres in US and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2008, N.S.T. is a developer and integrator of its core product, Cropio – field management and vegetation control system that enables its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations.

To learn more, please, go to http://about.cropio.com

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